Holding Myself Accountable

This week I was able to return to running again. It had been 6 weeks since the running streak had ended. Six weeks ago I was able to go out my front door and run 30 miles. Monday afternoon I went out my front door and walked for 10 minutes, ran for 5 minutes, and then repeated. Yesterday I was able to walk for 3 minutes, then run for 7 minutes, and repeated until 30 minutes were done. I was able to complete just over 3 miles. It’s a humbling experience, but it also just feels really good to get a few miles in.

The conservative approach I am taking to my training program seems to be justifiable. After my first run on Monday, the tendons in my right foot were tight and sore. I can really tell there was a significant amount of atrophy from wearing that damned boot. My recovery plan calls for 6 more weeks of easing back into things. After I complete the program I can really start to rebuild my base mileage. This week I’ll be allowed to run every other day and I have hopes of starting a new running streak in two weeks.

Being back outside running has been awesome. It’s like having a best friend back after a long summer of having no one to play with. While I was only able to run three times this week, just knowing I could go out in a couple of days and that I am making forward progress again is insanely motivating.

I have to admit that I have taken the last 6 weeks a little too soft. I have drank quite a few beers, been a little too relaxed on my diet, and enjoyed just a few too many hours on the couch. Starting this week I plan to end that. The reality of it is that I cannot go out and run for a couple of hours like I could back in June. This creates an opportunity for me to work in some new cross training habits and improve my overall fitness.

In my house we have copies of P90X1, P90X2, and Insanity. My fiancé is a workout machine and has kicked through many 90 day programs and seen awesome results. I on the other hand started P90X1 once back in 2009 and made it to month two. When I stopped mid program, I had starting seeing results. I had the lowest body fat percentage of my adult life and my run times were improving. Starting sometime this week (I have to get it back from a coworker) I will being day one of P90X2. I am not going to start with P90X1 again because I would like to focus on my core strength, which is more of a focus in P90X2. I realize that I will need to ease into the program and allow my body to adapt to the new work out routine.

Perhaps I have an obsession with the number 100, but starting today I am also going to start a push-up program. I have had an app on my iPhone for most of this year called “100 pushups.” The app gives a program much like many running programs in which daily workouts are done building up the endurance to complete 100 pushups. I have started this program and failed to make it past week 3 multiple times.

I enjoy running. Running is not working out to me, it’s more like meditation. I have no issues sticking with a running program because I enjoy training. However, with push ups and my failed attempts at 90 day programs, I fail because I genuinely do not enjoy them. However, next year my running goals will be greatly aided by my devoting myself to getting in better overall physical fitness.

So I am putting myself on report. In early December I will complete P90X2. I will follow this push-up program and eventually complete 100 push-ups. By December I should also be able to complete long runs of over 10 miles again and start working on speed work. If you follow me on twitter (@RevInkedByrd), see me out running, if you’re at my house on football Saturday, if you see me at all ask me what I have done today. One of my hopes for this blog is to make me more accountable. If I get asked what I have done today and I say nothing then maybe the embarrassment will encourage me to keep going past week 3.

I would like to encourage a few comments this go around. Last week I had a ton of views and would like to hear back from you. What current goals are you working towards? What are you going to accomplish between now and the first of the year? Only 119 more days.

Look out next week for a long overdue race report from my first 50 miler, the Washington DC North Face Endurance Challenge.

3 thoughts on “Holding Myself Accountable

  1. Hilary Hartenstein

    Jared, Sara told me about your blog today and I enjoyed reading it and will continue to read it – to keep up with your running journey and as motivation for myself as well. 🙂 As you know I’m participating in my first 5K ever next weekend. Very excited 🙂 I’m also doing the Jingle Bell run in Solomon’s in December. I don’t have an ounce of the running endurance that you do, but I hope to continue and get better, stronger, and faster as time goes on. Awesome blog – keep it up cause you’re definitely an inspiration!

    1. Hils, thanks for the comment. I think its awesome how much progress you are making. Sara was telling me today how awesome of a pace you have. You will continue to get better, stronger, and faster just keep going. Call anytime you need a ride home from the gym! And remember to try and enjoy it!

  2. Melissa Badeker

    This phrase particularly resonates with me: “I enjoy running. Running is not working out to me, it’s more like meditation.” I run for many reasons. I have made some good friends, traveled to awesome places, and I regularly explore my favorite city ever – Baltimore, yeah! I include other workouts on the side to improve my running, but overall, I feel lucky that my exercise happens to be one of my favorite parts about life. Enjoy easing back into running – you’re lucky to be doing what you love!

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