It took Jared Byrd four years to get to his first ultramarathon — 2012’s North Face 50K near Washington, DC.

Four years after that he ran 205.8 miles at the Bigfoot 200-Mile Endurance Run in the Northern Cascade Mountains in Washington.

“Sometimes I’m slow to start,” says the Maryland-based runner, “Then I tend to go overboard.”

Moderation isn’t his strong suit — be it training miles, collecting gadgets, or bagging buckles — when Byrd goes, he goes all in.

For years he’s been told that he’s am crazy for running as much as he does — and he might finally agree.

Jared is a Maryland-based ultrarunner, sometimes writer, and constantly planning his next adventure.

He blogs here and over on The Endurist. Follow him @JaredMilesUltra.

2017 race schedule

  • May: UROC 100K
  • June: Bryce 100
  • September: Tahoe 200
  • November: Pinhoti 100

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